Camouflage Skin Imperfections With Anti-aging Foundation.

When it comes to skincare, it’s important to use the right products to fully benefit your skin. What about make-up? Make-up is never truly looked upon as anti-aging, as women tend to rely solely on skincare for that. The fact of the matter is, yes, anti-aging make-up does exist.

skin imperfections on the face

The main anti-aging make-up product would be a foundation. Typically, the purpose of foundation on a face is to camouflage any imperfections and to obtain a flawless finish. It can be quite a task to find that perfect product and ensure it delivers all the benefits.

Nonetheless another factor to look for when searching is whether or not the foundation contains several anti-aging ingredients. A great example includes peptides. Peptides are a string of amino acids which are building blocks of protein. Collagen is a protein made up of these long chains of amino acids connected together by peptide bonds. Peptides are there to replace lost collagen. In size, peptides are microscopic therefore they have the ability to deeply penetrate through the skin’s layers. For this reason, peptides are extremely effective in skin care and make-up, particularly foundation, as they reduce wrinkles, elasticity and improve skin quality. With consistent use, peptides begin to make a dramatic difference within 8-12 weeks. Therefore using foundation containing peptides is not only beneficial in having a beautiful finish, but making the skin youthful as well.

Miracle 10 Skincare offers an anti-aging foundation called Platinum Finish. Find out more about Miracle 10 Platinum Finish.

Miracle 10 Platinum Finish


Beauty Advisor at Miracle 10 Skincare Boutique in Yorkville, Toronto.


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