Do I Need a Face Mask in My Skincare Regimen?

Oftentimes we hear about different skin routines from cleansing to moisturizing and exfoliating. One crucial step which truly makes a great difference for the skin is masking.

Using a mask at least once every two weeks improves the skin in significant ways. Masks can contribute to the skin as a facial treatment in the comfort of your home with transforming results. There is a big variety of masks that everyone can try and use, however it’s important to identify which product is suitable for each person’s skin.

Facial Peel with Mask Image

A patient during her Miracle 10 Facial Peel Treatment with Miracle 10 Mask on.

One of the main ingredients that a mask should contain is kaolin. Kaolin is clay that is used in facial masks for the purpose of tightening the skin, drawing out oils and impurities, fighting acne and increasing circulation to reduce inflammation. The rest of the ingredients in the mask should involve calming and soothing properties or emollients that will reduce any redness and prevent dryness. A couple of examples include aloe vera, allantoin and glycerin.

Nutrients and vitamins in the mask also play an important part as the skin needs cellular regeneration to feel and appear its best. Masks can also be anti-aging and contain collagen and elastin molecules miniature enough to penetrate into the skin.

The best ways to use the mask is after exfoliating with a scrub. The scrub will polish away dead skin cells, therefore the mask’s ingredients will benefit the skin to the maximum level. Depending on the purpose and ingredients, the mask should be left on for more than 5 minutes nonetheless. This way all of the vital nutrients and active ingredients can work well into the skin.

enzymeand mask

Masks can be used on all skin types including sensitive, but with caution. For oily/acne prone skin types, a mask should be used twice a week to draw out the oils and purify the skin. For dry skin types, the mask can be used once a week and can also be mixed with a moisturizer and be applied directly onto the face. The mask should be rinsed off with lukewarm water by gently massaging the skin. Afterwards, pat dry with a clean towel gently. Follow with a ph-balancing toner and moisturizer.

With continuous use of a mask once or twice a week, the results can be witnessed within a month. The skin will have more clarity, diminished pore size, brightening, and reduction of redness.

Miracle 10  Clay Mask


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